M.Kudo – Press Kit

In his first video-only release “Constellations” featured here, you can find a taste of the sound and vision of the upcoming artist M.Kudo. The debut album “Luminescence” is complete and predicted for a 2022 release after a series of singles and accompanying videos. If you are interested in previewing a teaser of this release for professional involvement please make your request by email below:

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Album working press release

“In the beginning, the moon and planets ruled over the night.”

M.Kudo is a luminescence in this night, a cosmic force that expels the untapped energy in all of our waking minds. This presence vibrates to three parts R&B, two parts neo-soul and one part soft pop which when fired into collision, stars are born.

These astrologically-charged elements are where M.Kudo will engulf its listeners. The positive motifs of this music are of love, unification and inner discovery, while sonically it combines traditional aspects of melody and pattern, embedded with the eclectic gemstones.

A charismatic, energetic and unmistakable presence in the night sky.

Singer, songwriter, musician, artist, astrologically-charged 🌙

For further information please contact:
[email protected]